Community Partners

Making Tulsa a better place - Together
8.3 percent of Oklahomans have been labeled chronically homeless. The Day Center is part of a network of support.


A full gamut of services needed for helping people who are homeless wouldn’t be possible without a strong network of partnering agencies. All of these agencies are given office space at the Day Center to provide convenient service to clients.


12 & 12 Substance Abuse Services
12 & 12 is a community leader in substance abuse and addiction treatment. Through residential and outpatient services, 12 & 12 programs focus on individualized plans and goals to help the patient return to the community as a healthy and productive citizen.


HOPE/HIV Testing and Counseling
With more than 1,800 Tulsans living with HIV, HOPE provides free, confidential HIV testing. Tests take less than 20 minutes for each patient. This organization also educates the community about HIV and AIDS.


Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma  
This organization assists low-income residents and seniors with civic legal problems. Some cases handled by Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma include bankruptcy, child support collection/modification, domestic violence, Medicaid/Medicare and Veterans benefits.


A Way Home for Tulsa   
A Way Home for Tulsa works closely with HUD to provide permanent supportive housing to those who are currently homeless. This organization is comprised of 23 agencies with the goal of providing a long term solution to homelessness.


Family & Children’s Services 
Providing support for families in crisis, Family & Children’s Services has helped many Day Center clients. Services such as child counseling, abuse services and substance abuse help is offered through this organization. Family & Children’s Service is not only for families, but helps individuals overcome substance abuse as well.


Standing for Community Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Services, COPES offers a mobile crisis center that responds to children and adults experiencing emotional or behavioral disturbances.


Veterans Administration
Because of the high rate of homelessness among veterans, The Day Center calls upon the Veterans Administration to help veterans receive the care they need.

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