State of Homelessness

Each person you drive past that is suffering from homelessness has a story
There are 19 homeless individuals for every 10,000 people. It’s time to step up, and help those who need it most.

Of these people, 7.3 percent are chronically homeless or veterans. Nearly seven percent of the homeless population consists of families. This number will continue to grow if we don’t step in and help others receive the support they need.


By helping the homeless, you are not only aiding a person in need, but also supplementing the economy and saving tax dollars. Providing permanent supportive housing to an individual living with a mental illness saves $10,000 annually, and communities are quickly embracing this form of support. Permanent supportive housing beds increased by nearly 10,000 from 2012 to 2013 and are continuing to grow. These housing units are created to help the 92,593 people who are chronically homeless.


Oklahoma shelters are taking the right step toward housing chronically homeless individuals. However, 8.3 percent of people have been labeled chronically homeless in the state. It’s a long road, but the Day Center believes these individuals can have hope for a new and better life through the services provided at the Day Center

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