Case Management

Critical support for homeless programs
$120 will pay for bus tokens given out in one day to help clients find jobs, housing and healthcare.


The goal of the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is to provide clients with homeless programs that will lead to successful re-housing and self-sufficiency.


The process begins with a screening to decide the client’s immediate needs after which they are paired with a general, mental health or eviction prevention case manager for weekly meetings.


Case managers provide a support system through a variety of resources, including:

  • Bus tokens for job applications and interviews
  • Housing starter kits including blankets, cleaning supplies, silverware and cookware
  • Financial assistance


The Day Center offers many homeless programs, but case managers are a central piece of the puzzle. Do you need to get in touch with a case manager today?


General Case Management
General case managers specialize in helping the homeless receive support. The first step to becoming re-housed is obtaining all means of identification such as birth certificates, a drivers’ license and social security cards. Once all identification is obtained, case managers are able to assist clients with various needs, including:

  • Identifying potential job opportunities
  • Navigating the appropriate channels to find homes for the homeless
  • Connecting clients with helpful tools such as rehab or health services
  • Supplying bus tokens for job and housing interviews

Whenever needed, case managers are in contact with clients to ensure they remain self-sufficient, stably housed and out of homelessness.


case-managementMental Health
For clients with specific mental health needs, trained case managers provide a range of homeless programs to ensure clients are properly diagnosed and treated. Finding homes for people who are homeless is an immediate concern, and case managers work with a variety of housing providers to locate a safe, permanent environment beyond the Day Center.


Eviction Prevention
While the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states there were 1,008 homeless people in Tulsa last year, the truth is there are thousands on the brink of losing everything. Eviction prevention case managers are available to assess a client’s reasons for possible eviction and find resources to keep them housed. Clients concerned about an eviction can leave a voicemail on our Financial Assistance

See a current list of needs to help make a house a home.