Hudson Villas

Ending chronic homeless with a fresh start
There are 19 homeless individuals for every 10,000 people. It’s time to step up, and help those who need it most.

HUDSONVILLASOne of the most concrete ways the Day Center helps its clients is working to find homes for the homeless. Hudson Villas is a newly constructed permanent supportive housing program that officially opened in 2013. What was once a longtime dream of the Day Center staff has now become a healthy environment to help end chronic homelessness.  Hudson Villas was financed in part by funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as administered by the City of Tulsa.


This apartment complex provides those suffering from chronic homelessness with a new home and an ongoing support system to encourage self-sufficiency. Clients who have received housing at Hudson Villas have experienced an improvement in health, overcome addiction and some have even returned to the workforce.


The goal of Hudson Villas is to create an environment that allows residents to create a sense of home and:

  • Avoid returning to homelessness
  • Improve health
  • Build life skills and self esteem
  • Find opportunities in volunteerism
  • Increase employment abilities and opportunities
  • Enhance financial position and personal well being


Hudson Villas has case managers on staff to help residents gain independence, including filing for disability, finding healthcare options and discovering volunteer opportunities. Residents also have the opportunity to become involved with the Hudson Villas community garden from which foods are harvested and used in the facility’s kitchen. Three meals are served each day to residents made by head chef Neda Hillard and graduates from the Women in Recovery program.


Because of the caring Hudson Villas staff, many suffering from chronic homelessness now have a permanent place to call home.

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